1. The society will be named as the “Oriya Sahitya Samaj” of the Jashipur College, Jashipur.

2. The aim of the samaj is to promote the literary activities of the students by arranging meetings and holding literary competitions among the students of the College.

3.The Executive committee of Sahitya Samaj will consist of

a. Principal as the ex-officio President.

b. Vice-President and the Associate vice-President who will be nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff.

(c) The Secretary from any class of +3, stream and Assistant Secretary from +3, 1st yr. and 2 nd yr. elected from among the students.

(d) One Class Representative from each of class to be elected or nominated by the students from among them selves.

4. The Secretary shall organize all the functions of the Samaj with the approval of the President and serve a notice for each ordinary meeting.

5. In the absence of the Secretary the Asst. Secretary will discharge all his duties.

6.Every student of the College shall pay Rs. 5/- to the account of the Samaj in the College office per year at the time of his admission or he pays his fees for the session.

7. The funds of the Samaj will be under the control of the Principal and expenditure to be made shall get the approval of the Principal. Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the Samaj

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