A wing of the Youth Red Cross has been functioning to inculcate the sprit of social service and friendship into the minds of the student under Indian Red-Cross Society, Orissa State Branch and ipso-facto follows the following guidelines.

1. Promotion of health
2. Service to disabled and diseased persons.
3. Service to the poor and down trodden for their social uplift.
4. Help to the people during natural calamities.
5. Promotion of friendship and social understanding..

All students are members of Youth Red Cross as they contribute Rs. 10/- each towards the Red Cross Fund at the time of admission to the college. Interested students may get their names enrolled as regular volunteers. They have to apply in a proforma specified for the purpose at the begining of the session.However the criteria for selection is left to the Principal and the Councellor. (Lecturer in charge of YRC)

Activities 1. Health habits.
2. College Hygiene.
3. Community hygiene, working in the adjoining villages.
4. First Aid training.
5. Voluntary Service to the sick and suffering during natural calamities.
6. Voluntary blood donation.
7. Voluntary services as per local need.

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Jashipur College
Jashipur Mayurbhanj
At- Jashipur, P.O.- K. Jashipur, P.S.- Jashipur