College Rules

1. The Academic Session :
The academic session of the college is from June to May each year. The college session begins in June after the summer vacation.
2. Admission :
Admission to different classes begins after the publication of H.S.C. and C.H.S.E. examination result and continues till the last date prescribed for such admission by the University Council or the Govt. The admission for honours classes is completed within the time limits for admission.
3. Undertaking :
Before a student is admitted to the college he / she or his / her guardian (if he / she is below 18 years of age) has to sign an undertaking in specified form to the effect that the student shall abide by the rules of the college.(Vide Article 107 of the G.E.C.) 
4. Address :
Each student must register in the college office, the address at which he/she lives. Any change in address must be intimated to the office immedeately in written.
5. Identity Card :
Identity card is issued to each student at the beginning of academic session. The card contains the photo, and other particulars of the student. The card is renewed at the beginning of each session. Students are adviced to keep always with them their Identity Card which will entitle them to avail their previllages as a student. Ordinarily no duplicate Identity Cards will be issued. However in extreme cases a duplicate identity card may be issued after proper investigation and on payment of Rs.10/- The Identity Cards be surrendered to the college at the time of taking T.C. / C.L.C.
6. Payment of fees and fines :
Fees must be paid on the days fixed for collection failingwhich a fine of 50 paise will be imposed. Failure to pay the fine by the last working day of the month will lead to removal of the defaulter’s name from the college rolls. All fees and dues are to be collected from the students before they are allowed to fill up University or Council examination forms. No promotion to next higher class will be if students have not cleared their college dues Students should stand in queue while paying fees at office counter.
7. Non eligibility to membership of private club or team:
No college student is permitted to have membership of any private club or team (under Act 166 O.E.C.). Students can not play for any team except college team.
8. C.L.C., T.C., Conduct certificate, Mark Sheets:
Students seeking the above shall have to apply in the prescribed forms obtained from college office and shall have to deposit requisite fees. Applications for obtaining C.L.C. / Conduct Certificate and Mark Sheet must be submitted two days before the date of issue. The applicants should get necessary clearances of dues. Ordinarily conduct certificate will be issued at the time of issuing the C.L.C. But students on roll may get the same with a fee of Rs. 5/- 
9. Discipline :
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a man ner which will not furnish the good name of their almamater. Their main pursuit should be academic. The students are expected to wear neat, gentle uniform prescribed by the college. Students not wearing uniform will ordinarily not allowed to enter into the class room. The students should be polite and well behaved with teachers and office personals. The students are advised not to disfigure walls, blackboards or doors of the college. Students are forbidden to invite any out sider to deliver speeches and for any other purposewithout the prior permission of the Principal Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars and doors of the college is strictly prohibited. Students should use the toilets provided for the purpose. The students must not tamper with the light, fan, switches or any other article of the college. Any damage to college property and electrical fitting are subject to exemplary fines. Free studentship and other aids from the college will be witdrawn from a student if he/she is found irregular in attending classes or examinations. The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the college, college union or any other Association of the college. The students should keep the applications for any complain or suggestions in the boxes specially provided.
10. Bicycles
Bicycle must be kept at the cycle shed and not in the college varendah. 
11. Breach of discipline
For any breach of discipline, student or students concerned shall be reprimanded and punished even to the extent of expulsion and rustication on the recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee duly constituted by the Principal. 
12. Practicals :
As soon as the practical groups are formed a student must find out the group in which he/she has been placed. In case of non placement he/she should have to bring it to the notice of the Prof. in charge of time table. 
13. Notice :
All office orders, decisions and instructions by the college authority will be notified through college notice board. All students are required to go through the notice board everyday. Negligence will not be entertained as an excuse.
14. Attendance :
A student is required to attend 75% of lectures, tutorials and practical classes in each subject separately. However in extreme cases condonation may be granted only to the extent of 15% with submission of due certificates . Candidates who represent the college for specified purpose shall have to obtain 5% extra condonation from Council / University.
15. Work experience :
As per the programme of the college a student is required to attend work experience programmes organised by the college.
16. Remedial classes :
As per the instruction of the Govt. remedial classes will be held after test examination for completion of courses and clearance of doubts of the students. 
17. Audio-visual classes :
The provision of audiovisual classes has been introduced from the year 2007-08. The classes will be held as per the programme given by the lecturer in charge of audiovisual classes. An additional fee of Rs.100/- will be collected from each student towards audio-visual fees. 
18. Reading Room :
The students should avail the benefits of reading room.The reading room provides newspapers, magazines, informations about different job facilities 
19. Parent-Teacher Association :
Parent-teachers association of the college has been constructed this year to communicate the welfare of the students through interactions. 
20. Use of mobiles :
Use of mobiles are strictly prohibited within the college campus. However mobile users if detected within the campus may be penalised a fine up to Rs. 500/-
21. Grievance Redressal cell :
The grievance cell of the college is headed by the Principal, Jashipur college. The grievances of the students, teachers and employees of the college should be dropped in the grivance box placed in front of the office for this purpose. The grievances will be analised by the Grivance Redressal Committee headed by the Principal and necessary actions will be taken by the Principal.
22. Sexual harassment cell :
The Sexual Harassement Complaint Committee has been constructed headed by the Principal to combat violence and sexual harassement of women in the college.
23. Evaluation of teachers by students :
The college has introduces evaluation of teachers by the students to develop learning skills. At the end of each year.the evaluation is obtained from the students through a special questionaire.
24. Code of conduct for students
Good behavior to staff of the college and students. Participation in the programmes of the College To maintain peace and foster study atmosphere. Cooperation in the administration of the College Maintenance of decorum in class room and on the campus. Peaceful participation in games, N.S.S., Youth Red Cross and other College organisations. To wear proper uniform prescribed by the College.

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